Executive Coaching for 

Anger and Stress Management

Corporate Training on Anger Management for

Workplace Violence Prevention

Anger is a natural emotion.  All of us feel angry at times. When anger escalates into verbal or physical aggression, it can destroy careers, relationships, and one’s health.  We put ourselves at risk of losing our careers, families, financial security, and freedom.

For high performance individuals, the source of destructive anger is oftentimes perfectionist traits, low frustration tolerance, stress from high performance expectations, and career crash or burnout. This can spill over into marital, family, work and other personal relationships. Poor coping skills used to manage stress can lead to alcohol and drug abuse, and other self-destructive behaviors.

One of the top career derailers for executives, managers, law enforcement, attorneys, medical professionals, athletes, actors, musicians, and other high performance professionals is lack of emotional regulation skills. Coaching from Texas Anger Management PLLC focuses on formulating strategies for reducing and controlling destructive anger, developing a therapeutic lifestyle that supports anger management, and facilitating personal, professional, and public recovery from damage caused by destructive anger.

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